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Available Training

LIHTC Class and Exam

This is an advanced LIHTC training with the opportunity to take the HCCP exam at the end of the training.

How to Nail a Physical Inspection

Students will learn how to quickly recognize physical deficiencies at their property. By the end of the course the user should be able to explain ways to keep their property safe, decent, and sanitary at all times.

Income Qualifications Specialist

This course carries the student through the application and interview process as well as the procedures for income eligibility. Students will learn how to determine, verify, and calculate information obtained and necessary to qualify an applicant prior to residents moving into an affordable housing community.

Understanding and Avoiding the 8823

Students will learn how to familiarize themselves with the Internal Revenue’s Guide on the purpose and process of Form 8823, required commitments, major issues that cause non-compliance, and ways to avoid the issuance of a Form 8823

Fair Housing 101

This course will help you understand Fair Housing regulations and the implications of not following those regulations. 

Completing the Florida Housing Program Report

Students will learn how to properly fill out a Program Report by discovering the information that should be obtained in order to satisfactorily input the data.


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